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Cog is a themeable and modularised intranet homepage written in perl. The aim is to make almost every aspect configurable via the web interface to give the user the freedom of choice. Many users each with a separate configuration and password are supported. Applets such as search, todo, news and links are included along with several themes.
CVS now avalible - 23 June
Not much seems to of happened around here recently, I've just set up CVS so you can get a more current version of cog.
Updated news script - 15 April
Userfriendly seem to have changed their layout a bit so I have updated the news script, just replace the current one with this!
0.07 Released - 12 April
This version fixes several bugs in user authentication and adds cookie support. There is also a new news grabbing script and a new theme which looks like this website.
Redesign - 7 April
This website has now been totally redesigned, hopefully it is now much easier to navigate. If you are having difficulty with cog I have now added a Frequently asked questions page.
Latest release is 0.07
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